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Moments to Remember. Events to Cherish.

The Captivating Events By Chi Way

We founded Captivating Events By Chi with one goal in mind: to design and produce creative and unforgettable events for every occasion. From small intimate affairs to large-scale parties, we strive to execute events that not only aim to impress, but also create unique experiences for our clients and their guests that last long after the fun is over.

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Sparkling Cocktail

Past Work

Our Latest and Greatest


Private Party

Washington D.C

We meticulously planned an exquisite picnic near the enchanting river, nestled close to a park in the heart of D.C. It was a magical day filled with laughter, joy, and delicious food that tantalized our taste buds. The scenic backdrop of the flowing river and the lush greenery added a touch of serenity to our gathering. Oh, how we basked in the warmth of each other's company, creating cherished memories that will forever be etched in our hearts. Our rich auntie crew truly knows how to orchestrate an event that leaves everyone awestruck!

Corporate Event

Prince George's County,  Maryland

Thanks to careful planning and attention to detail, the town hall community meeting was executed flawlessly. The location, timing, and logistics setup combined seamlessly to create an environment conducive to open dialogue and meaningful exchanges among community members. Stay tuned for future events as we continue to embrace the spirit of collaboration and engagement within our vibrant community.


Our Services


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Outstanding Quality

At Captivating Events by Chi, we believe in creating unique moments that leave a lasting impression. What differentiates us from our competitors is that we listen to our clients, creating unique events tailored to their specific needs and desires. Our innovative mix of solutions ensures that every detail is covered.

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