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Join us in celebrating our 3rd Annual

Celebrate the Beauty of Black Culture with Us

Join us at the 3rd annual Kwanzaa & Kulture Brunch as we honor the courage and resilience of our ancestors in building a strong community!

A Festive Gathering for All

Mark your calendars for December 30, 2023, from 4pm to 7pm, as we come together to honor and promote the rich traditions of Kwanzaa and celebrate the beauty of Black culture and identity.

An Experience to Remember

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable event complete with mouthwatering food, refreshing beverages, a lively DJ, and a welcoming atmosphere that embraces the spirit of unity.

Growing Together with Our Community

We are proud to announce our partnership with the City of Greenbelt Black History & Culture Committee. This collaboration allows us to expand our event and create an even greater impact on our community.

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A Huge Thank You to Our Sponsors

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Sponsorship Levels

Happy Family


Advocate Sponsor

As an Advocate Sponsor, you'll get your message out there with a quarter page in our exquisite souvenir program. Your logo will also be prominently displayed on our event flyer, ensuring maximum exposure for your brand.

Changemaker Sponsor

Take your support to the next level as a Changemaker Sponsor! With a half page in our captivating souvenir program, your brand will stand out among the crowd. Additionally, your logo will be showcased on all our marketing materials and swag items, leaving a lasting impression on attendees. 


Racial Equity Justice Sponsor

Become a true champion of equality and justice by becoming a Racial Equity Justice Sponsor! With a full page in our prestigious Kwanzaa & Kulture brunch souvenir program, you'll have ample space to share your message. You will also receive recognition on our sponsor list and table signage throughout the event, ensuring that your support does not go unnoticed. Additionally, your logo will be prominently featured on all marketing materials and swag items. Plus, you'll (or someone representing your office/organization) have the opportunity to deliver a powerful 2-minute speech during the event.



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